Texting Instructions

To submit a search by SMS or WhatsApp, please send the brand, model and serial number of the watch to to 07862 126517 (International +44 7862 126517).

Your mobile number must be saved in the ‘Mobile’ field in your Account Details.

The format of your text message should be:
Brand (comma) Model (comma) Unique Number(s)

You must include all three elements. They must be separated by commas. One watch per message.

The Model and Unique Number(s) should not include any commas, but can include other punctuation.

Multiple unique numbers for one watch (e.g. serial, case, movement, edition) should be separated by a slash not a comma and can be labelled. Examples of correct formats:

Patek Philippe, 5711-1A-014, 112233 / 445566

Audemars Piguet, Royal Oak, Serial A12345 Case No.123

The Model can be provided in the form of a name or a number, e.g. Submariner or 16610

Note: for Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin watches, both the case and movement numbers must be provided in order for an accurate search to be carried out and a certificate to be issued.