THE WATCH REGISTER offers insurers the registration of lost and stolen watches, jewellery and art on the database free of charge. Our service is the most effective tool for insurers to maximise their recoveries and reduce their loss ratio with minimal effort, as well as detect fraud.

Our team proactively search for items on the international market until they are recovered, by checking the transactions of pawnbrokers, dealers, auction houses and collectors.

We make swift efforts to secure items following their location. Our specialist recoveries team offers an optional service to insurers and their agents in order to facilitate a recovery. Read more about our recovery services here.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and our loss recovery services.

Register a loss

Ensure the best chance of recovery

Your watch will be registered on the largest international theft database used by dealers, jewellers, pawnbrokers and auction houses to identify stolen watches. We will actively search for your watch on the global pre-owned watch market until it is recovered.

50% of our recovered watches are found within 1 year of the theft, and 35% within 6 months.

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Check if a watch is lost, stolen or fake

  • Buy and sell with peace of mind
  • Avoid financial loss
  • Protect your reputation
  • Search Certificate as evidence of your theft checks

Serial number checks on Rolex and all other brands. Search by SMS, Whatsapp or via the website. Results within minutes.