THE WATCH REGISTER team has an unrivalled track record in watch recovery, with 3000 lost and stolen watches located in the last 10 years. Our specialist recoveries team steps in to recover a stolen watch from the moment we locate it. We take steps to secure the watch and we work closely with law enforcement throughout the recovery process, giving you the best possible chance of recovery.

Victims of theft and insurers can appoint our specialist recoveries team to help recover a stolen watch. When we are instructed to handle a recovery, we put forward a claim on behalf of the rightful owner and liaise proactively with all relevant parties – police, insurers, sellers and the victim – in order to return the watch to you or secure a financial settlement.

Over the course of 30 years, as part of our parent company the Art Loss Register, we have developed considerable expertise in the resolution of complex title disputes. We have success in negotiations even after limitation periods for a claim have expired. Our longstanding relationships with international law enforcement agencies and watch industry contacts give us a unique position to consistently secure successful recoveries for victims and insurers.

We work on a no win no fee basis.

If you appoint us to handle a recovery, we charge a Recovery Fee of 20% of the ultimate net benefit to you – only upon successful recovery. The ultimate net benefit is calculated on the current market value of the watch.

Alternatively, if you wish to recover the watch yourself or with the help of the police, we charge a Location Fee of 5% of the ultimate net benefit to you – only upon successful recovery and only if we initially located the watch.

You can decide which option you would like to pursue at the time we notify you that we have found your watch.